Collection of security tools inside of one WordPress plugin

We've added all the possible tools that will improve your website security

  • Tweak your website

    Tweak your website

    Make changes to in-depth WordPress settings, that normally do not exist, to harden your security beyond imagination.

  • Backup everything

    Backup everything

    One of the most important things when running a website is to have always a backup. We offer total backups with ability of storing them at Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP and etc.

  • Anti Exploit module

    Anti Exploit module

    The easiest way of preventing your website from being hacked. Even if you do have a vulnerable plugin/theme installed, with our Anti Exploit module - you will be safe!

  • Exploit Scanner

    Exploit Scanner

    Find our whether your WordPress is vulnerable to attacks and where those attack vectors are so you can easily patch them up.

  • reCaptcha Protection

    reCaptcha Protection

    Protect your website from brute force attacks and spam. You will be able to add reCaptchas on Login, Registration & Comments page, making it very hard for spammers to do their thing.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Two Factor Authentication

    Register your mobile devices with our plugin and make sure no one will be able to login to your website unless they have the unique code only you have.

Absolute protection model!

We strive to guarantee you bullet proof security for your website

Everybody knows that these days hackers are rapidly discovering and creating new methods to attack WordPress websites. That being said, the only risk free way of keeping your website safe is to have a security suite that is constantly updated with latest methods of discovering and preventing those attack methods.  As security specialists we’re well introduced to the latest security threats and we strive to have our security suite as much as possible equipped and updated to battle the growing security risks that appear every single day.

  • We listen daily for new security threats that appear underground.
  • We improve our security countermeasures by learning from existing exploits.
  • We listen to your suggestions that may improve your security.
  • We update our exploit databases daily.

Ready to give your website protection it deserves?

All the plans are on a monthly recurring schedule

One Site

Personal usage


  • 1 Install
  • Full Features
  • No Support

Multi Site

For smaller businesses


  • 10 Installs
  • Full Features
  • Limited Support


For larger businesses


  • 50 Installs
  • Full Features
  • Premium Support


Have tons of websites?


  • Unlimited Installs
  • Full Features
  • Premium Support
  • Since I own a lot of websites, Crusader was definitively the best choice for me. Impenetrable security with easy to use settings export system. Just perfect!
    David C. Vanhoy
    - SEO Professional
  • Each customer of mine that has security related issues is instantly introduced to Crusader by me. Trust me people, this stuff rocks. Since the day I use it, I haven't seen a single attack.
    Leon Elliot
    - IT Support Advisor
  • All around security plugin that is a must have on your blogs. Even thought it's really cheap, features that are being offered inside are just insane. As I sad - A. MUST. HAVE.
    Dana Hallman
    - Marketing Manager

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Behind the curtains

Crusader is a plugin that harnesses the raw power of WordPress in-built methods, amplifies the effect by tweaking the whole working process and brings it all together under strict predefined regulations to keep your website safe.

How long did it take

It took 3.5 years of research and development to put it all under one plugin.

Who made it

Crusader was developed by three security specialists, current senior developers.

99% Bullet-proof

We offer absolute protection model that relies on the latest technologies to protect your website.

Regular updates

We provide weekly updates to battle the most recent threats.

3.5 years of hard work

Crusader Security - One Site License
Crusader Security - Multi Site License
Crusader Security - Agency License
Crusader Security - Corporate License